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Welcome to An Enchanted Holiday!

Welcome to An Enchanted Holiday.

You'd think with an M.A. in English Lit with a concentration in Medieval/Renaissance Lit, and a minor in Psychology, I'd write Medieval/Renaissance romances or mysteries or some such, but I actually started writing romance--and Letters from Santa. :)

I don't write the personalized letters anymore, since I'm focusing on my novels and screenplays, some sweet romance, some children's novels (and picture books), some mainstream. But I still love holidays.

For more about my fiction, check out my writing site.

But this site is all about holidays, and I've stretched the term "holiday" to include "life events," such as weddings and graduations and baby showers.

On this site, you'll find free printables for holidays, and royalty-free clipart. I plan to add content as I go.

And I've developed a bunch of journals and guestbooks. Just check out the side bars for links. Descriptions are on the Lulu and Amazon pages with all the books. (Books page coming!)

And if you'd like to print free letters from Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy, just head on over to my sister site, An Enchanted Letter.

Thanks for visiting! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Donna L. Turello earned her M.A. in English Lit, and is a writer. She's been published in Best Short Stories from the Saturday Evening Post 2015; The Binnacle: University of Maine; Wow! Women on Writing; Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Resolutions; Patchwork Path: Treasure Box; and Patchwork Path: Christmas Stocking.

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